Transfer round-up: Barcelona and Liverpool are discussing over Dembelé?

The transfer market is flooded with interesting deals, which will be announced in the next few days. Among the most anticipated are the following:
1. The transfer of the Spanish international, Lionel Messi, from Barcelona to the Merseysiders. The Argentinean will cost the club around 100 million euros.
2. The sale of the Belgian defender, De Bruyne, to the Reds.
3. The acquisition of the Brazilian forward, Firmino, from Manchester City.
4. The loan of the Dutch midfielder, De Jong, to Valencia.
5. The possible sale of Modric, who is already a free agent.
6. The purchase of the Italian midfielder, Modric.
7. The signing of the young Portuguese, Bruno Fernandes, from Sporting.
8. The departure of the Argentinian defender, Alisson, to Chelsea.
9. The exchange of the Portuguese defender, Fernandes.
10. The potential sale of Alisson to the Red Devils.
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The most interesting transfers in the transfer market are:
* De Bruyn to Liverpool;
* Modric to the New York Red Bulls;
* Fernandes to Chelsea;
* Modric for a fee of 100 million.
The first of these transfers is the most likely, because the Mersey based club is in the middle of the transfer campaign. The club is trying to find a new goalkeeper, and the acquisition of De Bruyne will be a good chance to strengthen the defense.
Firmino is a player who can be a great addition to the lineup of the Red Bulls. He is a young player who has already managed to score a few goals for the club.
Liverpool has a number of interesting transfers, which we will see in the near future. The most important of them are:
1) The transfer to the Premier League of the English Premier League, of the player, James Milner, for a price of 100.000 euros. The new signing will join the club for the next season.
This is a great opportunity for the team to strengthen its defense. The team has already been strengthened with the acquisition, in the summer, of De Jong and Modric from Manchester United.
However, the club needs to strengthen other positions. The first of them is the goalkeeper, which the club has already purchased.
Milner will be able to strengthen this position, because he is a good goalkeeper.
It is worth noting that the club is also interested in the acquisition a defender, who will be the third goalkeeper in the team.
In addition, the team has also signed a striker, who has not yet been officially named.
At the moment, the transfer of Milner is the main priority of the club, because it will allow the Red and Blacks to strengthen their defense. It is worth mentioning that the team is in a good shape, and this is a positive sign.
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